Nature Walk, Pentir

Six of us met up with our walking boots and waterproofs on. We set off down Lon Fudur, through the woods, over the fields and along the footpaths bordered by lush hedgerows.

It was reasonably dry underfoot but intermittently drizzly. We heard a variety of birds including Chaffinches, Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps, Robins, Wrens and Song Thrushes. The hedgerows were full of Garlic Mustard, Stitchwort, Bluebells, Campion, Navelwort, Herb Robert, Cranesbill, Vetch and newly blooming Foxgloves.

The walk was mainly on the level until the steep steps up to the cycle path and the hill to Moelyci Farm Shop, where we stopped for refreshments. Then the rain started in earnest and we neither saw nor heard any more birds just the noisy chattering a of a group of wet humans.