Volunteering support during the Coronavirus outbreak

With a number of people over 70, and people with health conditions obliged to self-isolate for a long period of time, the support of volunteers to carry out errands is invaluable. If you want to volunteer please contact us via our email address post@pentir.org.uk

Listed below are some of the tasks that volunteers have already undertaken and also those tasks that we anticipate will be required in the near future.

Guidance for Volunteers

Anglesey County Council, Medrwn Môn and Menter Môn have produced some helpful guidance for volunteers assisting people in their communities. We’ve adapted this for our situation in Pentir:

Your Safety

Please observe the current health guidelines. Be aware that some of the people you help will be vulnerable and might be unwell. Do not enter a person’s property. Always maintain physical separation and if you handle anything touched by the person sterilise or wash your hands before touching anything else. Leave deliveries on the doorstep and place anything you are given, including money, in a clean plastic bag.


Please check that your car insurance is in order and that you are covered for voluntary work. No additional cover has been arranged and policies do vary.

Scope of Work

Beyond the obvious errands and dog walking we cannot predict what volunteers are likely to be asked to do. Please use your discretion and remember that if the request seems unreasonable, unsafe, or just too much, feel free to refuse.

Care with money

Please take care to avoid any misunderstanding with a person’s money. 

Good practice suggests that those who undertake shopping for a person should document the handling of money clearly, ensure receipts for goods purchased are provided. 

Volunteer Activities

Collecting Groceries

Groceries have already been collected on behalf of people who are self-isolating, via Tesco’s Click and Collect service. The service is set up to minimise contact between Tesco staff and members of the public. You will need to show a print-off of the groceries ordered, and may be asked to show the payment card used to make the purchase. Goods are left in crates for you to pack in your own bags. Staff maintain a safe distance as far as possible.

Collecting Parcels for Posting

If people need to post parcels or large items, via the Post Office, or other delivery services, such as Hermes, then volunteers may be able to help with collecting the parcels and dropping them off at collection points for onward delivery.

Collecting Prescriptions

Local pharmacies may not offer home delivery, in which case volunteers will be needed to collect prescriptions.

Being available for remote conversation

People who are self-isolating for long periods of time may well welcome the opportunity for a chat on the phone or over the internet, via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts. 

Dog Walking

This would need to be incorporated into your once daily exercise routine.